And before a trip, imagine being stress free because you pack in minutes - all you do is scoop up your go-with-anything dresses and throw them into your suitcase.

Our beautiful prints totally distract from little body flaws and even hide stains. They’re really easy to wear around children! I literally once on vacation balanced several plates for my children and poured an entire serving of salad dressing down my front - it didn’t even really show!

Afterwards I just rinsed the dress out in the sink with cold water and some baby shampoo. I gently blotted it out between two towels, shook it out, and put it on a hanger to dry overnight. The next morning it was good to go again!

Yes, our dresses are super easy to care for. The fabrics are pre-washed so they won’t shrink, and the dresses are hand washable. This is really important to me because a summer dress that needs dry cleaning after each and every wear just doesn’t make sense to me.