The reason is that a company that carries inventory needs to price their goods so that they are still able to cover their cost even after they give a deep discount.

By only producing what is really needed we can offer the lowest - and most honest - price right to begin with.

I’ve done a lot of research and 100% silk slips of higher quality start at around $600-$700 and run all the way up to around $1000! And most often they don’t even offer the amazing benefits that our dresses offer, like superior fit, or being hand washable.

Have you ever bought a dress that you considered a steal but then it ends up hanging in your closet most of the time because every time you wear it you’re basically adding $15 to the purchase price for dry cleaning it afterwards?

Or even worse, you decide to wash it yourself but now it’s one or two sizes too small?

I’ve been there, and because of that, I created a dress that does it all and takes you from morning through the night stress free and with ease, style, and comfort.