All The Reasons I Created Our Signature Slip Dress

July 18, 2021 5 min read


Imagine how amazing you could look and feel when you have just the right fabric and just the right fit. Imagine coming out of lockdown and starting to fully do all the things you used to do, looking and feeling sensational.

You see, as a real woman with a non-model body I could never find what I was looking for, so I started to make those dresses for myself.

I wanted something for every day, not for the one-off super special occasion.

I wanted to look great, feel sexy, be comfortable, and have those dresses be easy and versatile. 

I wanted to wear the dresses whether I needed to run errands or went to dinner. 

Every time I was in a crunch I wanted to be able to just reach for one of those dresses and know I looked great.

I was so tired of scratchy fabrics that made me feel too hot, and dresses that either fit my top half or my bottom half. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than something that’s too tight in the hips - you can’t sit comfortably, you can’t eat comfortably, and it feels like there’s a magnifying glass on the area.

So then I created some prototypes and people kept asking me where I got them and have been really asking me to make them available for purchase, so that’s something I’ve been working on for a while.

Then things really started on a trip to Mexico. You know when temperatures are around the 100 degree mark and humidity is 98% then you MUST have comfort, you need breezy, light fabrics, and because you’re on vacation you want to look stunning and sexy.

I knew if something worked in these temperatures and in this humidity, it would work back home as well.

And it really does.

When you have a smaller wardrobe with high quality fabrics that are just perfect for you and your beautiful body, then you create for yourselfthe peace of mind of always knowing you have something to wear. 

You get dressed in the morning in seconds and you’re off to go about your day. No more frustration or thinking “I have nothing to wear!”

Instead you love your image in the mirror and you get smiles and compliments all day long.

Imagine running your errands in the morning in flip flops, and then going to lunch with a friend, or on a dinner date, and simply switching your flip flops for heels and putting on a little jacket and voila! There you are again: stress free, smiling, and ready to go!

Or imagine yourself at that dinner, knowing you’re the most beautiful woman in the room -  while also being the most comfortable and completely at ease. 

They don’t say for nothing “A comfortable woman is a beautiful woman.”

And before a trip, imagine being stress free because you pack in minutes - all you do is scoop up your go-with-anything dresses and throw them into your suitcase.

Our beautiful prints totally distract from little body flaws and even hide stains. They’re really easy to wear around children. I literally once on vacation balanced some plates for the kids and poured an entire serving of salad dressing down my front - it didn’t even really show!  

Afterwards I just rinsed the dress out in the sink with cold water and some baby shampoo. I gently blotted it out between two towels, shook it out, and put it on a hanger to dry overnight. The next morning it was good to go again!

Yes, our dresses are super easy to care for. The fabrics are pre-washed so they won’t shrink, and the dresses are hand washable. This is really important to me because a summer dress that needs dry cleaning after each and every wear just doesn’t make sense to me.

How amazing is it when you arethe woman every other woman wants to be, andALL of your friends are dying to know where you got THAT DRESS!

How awesome when your partner finally notices that you have taken off your yoga pants and put on something sexy and gorgeous!

We’ve just come out of a 14 month lockdown and we deserve and need to feel and look our best. And let's also not forget that our priorities have shifted! Comfort is king, and as women, we also want and deserve beauty.

I create classic silhouettes that fit real women really well - meaning women with beautiful curves. Our dresses are constructed to follow those curves and beautifully enhance them. When the fabric doesn’t pull tight across any areas of your body then the focus goes up to your face and elongates you.

Imagine wearing our dresses with flip flops for a relaxed stroll on the beach and looking stunning. Or imagine taking your dress in entirely different directions with gold jewelry, silver jewelry, statement pieces, ethnic pieces. Wear it with sneakers, heels, or even booties. You can throw on a cardigan, a denim jacket, a trench coat, a blazer, a leather jacket and you have a new outfit and look different Every. Single. Time.

We all have tons of basics in our closets, and here is a dress that stands out on its own, that does it all, and that can be taken in any direction and to any situation by adding what’s already in your closet.

Every woman who’s ever tried one of our dresses has marveled at how comfortable it is and how soft the fabric is, and how fantastic she feels.

Friends are saying to me: “​​When I put on this beauty I feel so much joy.” or “The cut and attention to detail are unbelievable. Give in to your desire if this dress is circling in your dreams.”

And my favorite: “Every year I set out to find that perfect dress that does it all, but I’ve never actually found it. But this is it, this is THE ONE!” 

I want to create dresses for women that make them feel sexy, comfortable, and give them freedom, and I love it so much that my friend feels exactly that when she puts on the dress!

So I’ve decided to make our signature dress available to you. The week of July 19th, for a few days, our dresses will be available for pre-order. Please sign up for our notifications at the bottom of the page and keep an eye on your inbox, as I will be sending out the link to the live event where I show you what real women like you and me look like in our dress. This will only be available for a few days, and you don’t want to miss it.

Thank you, I love you and I can’t wait to see you there.

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