Fashion Industry Insider turned Designer... Why I decided to start all over.

August 31, 2020 1 min read


Hello there!

Do you know that I used to be a production manager in the apparel industry? And from there on I built a business working with designers in the US and helping them with producing overseas.

I was working with all these big-shot designers, and there was always the nagging feeling that I could do things better. The reason being that we were turning out all these clothes that were either really pretty, or useful. And I really feel they need to be both.

Clothes can be as pretty as they want, if they don't fit my lifestyle, I won't wear them. Does that sound familiar?

I need things that I can throw on in a minute, that are easy to care for -- no dry cleaning, no fuss! They need to work in more than just one situation. And I need to feel pretty in them -- All. Day. Long.

That was true before the pandemic hit, but I feel it's even more true right now. 

So that's why I'm here: on my 3rd career, starting all over, in the middle of a pandemic. If that doesn't sound like fun, then I don't know what does 

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