3 Bra Styles To Look Fab Under A Slip

May 03, 2021 2 min read 2 Comments

Have you been really wanting to wear a certain type of dress or neckline but find it challenging to pull it off, especially in a more urban setting? (The rules seem a little more relaxed when on vacation -- or when out for dinner -- even for over 35-year-olds😉)

For me that brings slip dresses to mind. I love how effortless they are, but every time I see one that I like, the model doesn’t wear a bra. Nor does she require one. Not so me! Does that sound familiar to you?

Slip dresses continue to be a huge trend, (and -- hint, hint -- they are the subject of our soon-to-happen launch!). If you don't mind showing a little strap, I have tackled the bra question for you 😊

Here is what I have come up with:

Source: GAP, Eres Paris, Eres Paris, GAP

Source: GAP, Eres Paris, GAP, Eres Paris (clockwise from top left)

1) A clean lined bra. 

Why it works: The clean lines don’t distract and offer a counterpart to the whimsical dress. The end result looks sophisticated and polished rather than “underweary”. 

This tip is my favorite because I like to offset a feminine dress with more modern, clean lined pieces. And that goes not just for the bra of my choice but also jewelry, shoes, and bags.

Source: GAP, Eres Paris

Source: top left: GAP, others: Eres Paris

2) The vintage looking bra.

This works because it gives the appearance that you’re wearing your slip over a vintage slip.

P.S.: With this tip you can create the opposite effect of the suggestion #1: a vintagey bra would give whimsy to a more modern or solid color slip.

Source: Lenny Niemeyer (2), J.Crew (2)

Source: Lenny Niemeyer, J.Crew, Lenny Niemeyer, J.Crew (clockwise from top left)

3) A bikini top.

Don’t underestimate how cute a bikini top can look peeking out from under clothes in the summer. Since they are designed to be seen anyways it’s easy to make them part of the outfit without feeling they should be hidden. Just make sure they have a clasp closure in the back rather than ties, as those will most likely stick out in a not-so-cute way underneath a slim dress.

The key is that by being visible the bra strap becomes a part of your outfit just like any other element such as shoes, bag, belt, etc. That means it needs to be considered just as carefully. A slip dress will always be flowy and full of movement, so as a rule of thumb, the more simple and unstructured the bra, the better.

I hope I was able to help take the guesswork out of which bra styles might work! We seem to be having a glorious Spring, and travel destinations are booking up all the way into the Fall. Perhaps I could give you some inspiration to try something new this summer or on your next trip? I would love that ❤️

P.S.: If you have a specific struggle that you would like my help with please don’t hesitate to email me atdagmar@dagmarspichale.com - I’d love to help! But even if you’d just like to leave a comment, I would love that, too!

Cover: Courtney Love at an Oscar party in 1990, Source: Getty Images

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July 18, 2021

Awesome post! And I can’t wait to see (and buy!) the new dresses when they come out!

Bonnie Machuca
Bonnie Machuca

May 22, 2021

I love this! I never know what to wear under dresses :)

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