Drumroll, Please, For Our Silk Face Masks!

November 25, 2020 2 min read

Have you ever felt like putting on some lipstick, only to realize you had to run to the grocery store and cover that pretty flash of color with your face mask?

silk face masks

When we set out to create our own face coverings, I wanted to make sure they are a little bit different and that they are as pretty as they are easy and comfortable to wear.

silk face mask

I love what we came up with. Our silk face masks come in many gorgeous prints which add the flash of color to your face that your lipstick used to put there. They are super comfortable and soft, with stretchy ties. The bow is really easy to tie yet adds some much-needed glamour to any outfit - something our spirits can use as much of as we can get our hands on this year.

silk face masks

Watch the video to see how the mask looks on:


Last but not least, I'm really excited about the fact that  studies show that silk fabric may protect better than other fabrics, and even may have virus-fighting properties, which is really good to know!

silk face covering

We have very limited quantities of each print so make sure to get your hands on your favorite ones before they are gone.

silk face coverings

P.S.: Send me your mask selfies to dagmar@dagmarspichale.com for a chance to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook page!!

silk face mask

P.P.S.: ❤️you for your support and encouragement all the way! Please share  this link with your friends & family to let them know about our silk face masks -- many, many thanks!

Stay safe and healthy, and have a lovely Thanksgiving celebrating what's most important!

XO --


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