We're making our silk face masks available for sale!

November 14, 2020 2 min read

Imagine your favorite department store had a shoe sale that spanned an entire floor! 

That’s how I felt a few years back when I went to Exotic Silks, a specialty store for printed silk fabrics that carries over 1400 silks (😍), in preparation for the graduation show at CCA where I was studying fashion design: Three rooms floor to ceiling full of bolt after bolt of printed silk in the most amazing colors and patterns -- each more beautiful than the last!

I went nuts! I came to get a few swatches for my final collection and left hours later with bags full of one-yard pieces of silk fabrics. I used about half a dozen for my collection, and the others have been sitting in my studio, waiting for their big moment.

I used to turn to them for inspiration or to give my mind a break when I ran into challenges while working on the prototype for my  soon to be launched dress line. I never tired folding and unfolding the beautiful silk squares!

Now I’m so excited to announce that the big moment has come: Inspired by the unexpected and overwhelming (in a good way!) flood of encouragement and positivity in response to our face mask giveaway hosted by blogger Susan McNeill of  Susan Said WHAT?! I’ve decided to give this beautiful lot an equally beautiful mission by turning them into sumptuous silk face masks!

Having always been a big fan of combining beauty with purpose, I made sure these silk face coverings, small as they may be, are no exception! How so, you may ask? Read up!

Silk Face Mask

1. People dress up again

My good friend, writer Edissa Nicolas-Huntsman sent me an article from The Wall Street Journal that summed up how I had been feeling: author Suzanne Kapner quotes blogger Dawn Head who dressed up just to drive her son to swim class.

Most people are done with the sweatpants-all-day look and are looking to put on something beautiful and uplifting instead. I have definitely been one of them! What better opportunity than a gorgeous silk face mask!

Silk Face Mask

2. Silk fights the virus better than other fabrics

There are many reports about the virus-fighting properties of silk, but this one by  Science Daily is my favorite. Did you know silk masks perform almost as well as surgical masks, yet are washable and repel moisture -- a very desirable feature as the virus can be passed on by airborne droplets. The silk is also breathable and comfortable, and naturally contains copper which can kill viruses on contact -- definitely one piece of information I did not know!

Silk Face Mask

3. Sheer Holiday cheer

Gray days + pretty masks = happiness! The silk fabric is unbelievably soft and comfortable to wear, and the prints are just stunning. Our silk face masks wear like a hug and a kiss wrapped in one and make awesome gifts -- for yourself or your loved ones.

Silk Face Mask

Please stay tuned for updates as we are busy adding new patterns every few days and hustle to open shop by Friday, November 20, 2020. 

Remember, there is only one yard of fabric per pattern, so if you have any questions regarding availability of a specific pattern please reach out to me:  dagmar@dagmarspichale.com!

XO --


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