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I have been binge-watching Victoria lately, and I’m nowhere near done! I really love learning about history through a well produced show or movie. It gives me so much more access to that time period than school lectures ever did, and often makes me realize that the struggles -- especially those of personal growth -- that people went through hundreds of years ago are not unlike those of today.

Queen Victoria

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Needless to say, being a designer I love the costume design and I have been downright mesmerized by the delicate jewelry all the ladies are wearing. All those pieces were crafted with such great attention to detail, yet they were still standout baubles and nowhere near being dainty.

This fascination came at the same time as I felt a shift in the way I love to accessorize our signature silk slip dress. For the longest time I loved to pair pretty much everything with diamonds -- and I do not discriminate between the real deal and the not-so-real ones. But this kind of bling has been feeling a little off in a world that is going through so much at the moment. So my attention has shifted to gold -- it feels more simple and almost a little humble yet is still highly decorative.

Hailey Bieber wearing Gold Jewelry

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Apparently, I’ve been hitting a nerve as there is a lot of gold out there at the moment, and layering of delicate pieces is very popular. Personally, I am more drawn to pieces of a slightly more chunkiness, and I’d love to share my favorites and how to wear them with you here.

Vintage 14K Gold Earrings

1) Thanks to a friend’s tip, I discovered a hidden gem of an Antiques store that carries a vast selection of vintage Italian 14K gold jewelry. The pieces have the delicacy that I am currently obsessed with, and they have the look of heirloom pieces, yet the designs are timeless and very wearable. A quick search on eBay turned up more than 15K results which means I won’t run out of options anytime soon!

Holly Riddel Designs Ring

2) Holly Riddel Designs: I am the lucky owner of one of this Los Angeles designer’s signature rings and I love the medium chunkiness. The handmade quality is the perfect balance to the sophisticated and elegant feel, and I love that one-of-a-kind way that you won’t get from machine produced pieces. Plus, it comes with a little surprise on the inside, a hidden stone that only I know about!

Susan Shaw Gold Wrap Necklace, Vintage 14K Gold Earrings, Silk Slip Dress

3) Susan Shaw Jewelry: This wrap necklace is my new go-to piece and I am seriously obsessed (BTW I am wearing it with the three-inch extender that can be purchased separately). Its whimsical feel matches that of our slip dress, yet at the same time the clean modern style balances the feminine cut and print of the dress. I love pairing the necklace with a simple crewneck T-Shirt too!

Stella & Dot Gold Necklace and Earrings, Silk Slip Dress

4) Bonus for you: a shopable link to my favorite pieces! A few days ago my friend Leslie Young of popular jewelry online retailer Stella & Dot and I had a chat. I got her excited about the launch of our slip dress in time for spring and told her of my current obsession with gold jewelry. Immediately, the amazing Leslie offered to let me create my very own mini-event on her website! See my picks for those slightly chunky, modern-yet-whimsical pieces I love so much right now. These pieces are so versatile and easy to style. Check out what I chose here!

Without a doubt, the past year will likely have been one of the most challenging for most of us. The arrival of spring brings about new hope and an even stronger yearning for the return of some normalcy into our lives. A little pick-me-up in the form of a sweet bauble can be one way to indulge in some self-care this week. I hope I was able to help and give you some fun styling ideas for the soon-to-arrive new season. Have a specific style question? Drop me a note in the comments!

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P.S.: Which are your favorite pieces? Do you have any styling challenges? Send me your comments and questions below. I’d love to help!

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Claudia Nerio
Claudia Nerio

March 04, 2021

I love this!

Edissa Nicolas-Huntsman
Edissa Nicolas-Huntsman

March 04, 2021

These are great tips. (Wish I had one of your dresses to match my hoops.) I always love when I can dig out a classic piece of jewelry and rock it in a bold new way. I have a larger collection of silver. Can I mix and match metals?

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